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Part 3: Dive Deeper into Your Subconscious Mind ❋$795❋ ($477 NOW with COUPON 40% OFF)

Total of 10 Comprehensive Modules featuring practical exercises and transformational practices will help you explore the depths of your transformative journey.

You will discover the power of dreams, regression hypnosis, and transpersonal work, including Holotropic Breathworkβ„’.

In the final modules you will learn to integrate your changes into everyday life, expand consciousness, and unleash new resources.

You will make new choices and practice desired behaviors, thereby embodying your insights and experiencing the profound depths of the human psyche.

Explore the depths of your psyche through practices like dream exploration, past life regression, and transpersonal work. Gain profound insights and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and expansion:

    • ❂ 50 Page Workbook for Comprehensive Guidance

    • ❂ Powerful Techniques, Healing Modalities & Life-Changing Meditations

    • ❂ 10 Videos & Meditations For Enhanced Learning & Understanding

    • ❂ 8 Weeks of Immersive Practice for Lasting Change

    • ❂ 10 Total Compr3ehensive Modules for In-Depth Exploration

    • ❂ 8 Hours of Personalized Training Sessions with Dr. Olga in Small Group Setting for Intimate Discussions

TOTAL VALUE you are getting: $2,795

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