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Master Your Mindset Book. Amazon International Bestseller!

The Breakthrough with Elevated Mindset (chapter) By Dr. Olga Zabora, PsyD. 

  • This chapter is about transformation that we can create in our lives with right mindset and mastering your thought process.
  • It is a transformational story about great success that Carrie was able to achieve with NLP Breakthrough transformational program with Dr. Olga. 

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  • What is your mindset like right now?
  • Is it ready for the challenges that face you in life and business?
  • Could it be improved to give you an even better chance of success?

Having the right mindset is perhaps one of the most important traits we can have when it comes to accomplishing anything in life. With a positive attitude that comes when we develop a finely tuned mindset, we not only find that success becomes more attainable but we can also reduce instances of depression and anxiety, become more resilient and enjoy greater overall wellbeing.

But how do you attain such a precious commodity?

Inside the latest book in the series A JOURNEY OF RICHES: Master Your Mindset, you will be treated to more valuable insights from another 11 inspirational people with differing experiences of how their mindset improved their lives, helping you to:

  • Understand why fear can hold us back
  • Develop a growth mindset for success
  • Manifest what you most desire with focus
  • Master your mindset on the good AND bad days
  • Influence your environment positively
  • Learn to live as your true self
  • Change a negative into a positive
  • And more…!

Once again, with its 11 inspiring insights for creating the fulfilling life you want and deserve, A JOURNEY OF RICHES extracts knowledge from the limitless pool of those who have walked the same path as you and succeeded.

Once you dive into it you too will be able to develop the mindset that is crucial for enhancing your own life prospects in whatever you choose to do!